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How to cut down the cost for dentist

From:ads dental lab    time:2015-12-10 22:27:20
    Nowadays, more and more overseas dental labs choose to outsourcing their cases to some developing countries for fabrication to save cost, China, Vietnam, Mexico are their most common choices. With the same quality restorations, the cost is almost less than half price of the local cost.
As an experienced overseas sales in different Chinese dental labs for 8 years, I know quite a lot European and US dental labs outsourcing their cases in China, however, I don’t think the end users of the restorations, even the dentists know their cases are fabricated in overseas countries due to the fast turnaround time.
As far as I know, there are more than 200 dental labs in Shenzhen, China, more than half the labs deal with overseas cases though the quality standards are different. These labs can receive at least 10,000 overseas cases per day via the dental agents. The agents can gain at least three times profits than the lab quotation. In that case, the best way to save cost for dentists is sending cases directly to Chinese dental lab rather than sending via agents. More and more labs opens direct service to dental clinic, thus dentist can send even one single case to Chinese dental lab by paying a small amount of shipping cost. Ads Dental Lab is the right lab which accept small parcels from dental clinic, for more information about outsourcing, pls feel free to contact me via email and call.
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