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Tech Tips To Remove a Broken Screw

From:ads dental lab    time:2016-9-21 21:54:40

Tech Tips  To Remove a Broken Screw

Several methods exist to remove broken screw components from implants or abutments. a few examples are shown here. 

Method 1: Insert a very fine tipped hand instrument into the implant and gently wedge it between the male and female threads. With careful counter-clockwise rotation, the fractured male thread can often be unscrewed and removed. A variation of this method is to use an ultra-sonic scaling tip on top of the screw head, with a counter-clockwise rotation. 

Method 2: Use a small round bur with a high-speed hand piece and cut a shallow (0.5mm) dimple into the top of the broken screw. (Use copious amounts of irrigation to keep from over-heating the implant during this portion of the process.) Take a diamond or fluted end-cutting bur, wedge it into the dimple, and slowly (35-50RPM) rotate in reverse using moderate occlusal pressure. 

Method 3: Use a small diameter bur to cut a 0.5-1mm deep slot in the top of the remaining male thread. A small straight bladed screwdriver or dental instrument can then be used to engage the slot to remove the screw.

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