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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why ADS ?

There are 5 reasons why you should work with us:

1. Diversity of Products. We are China''s most diverse dental labs, with seperate production lines to cater to various market demands from the highest technology to the best value for price and the absolute lowest prices.

2. Professional and Experienced. We are experts in dental outsourcing services. We have been working with partners in the US, UK and many parts of the world since early 2000s; we are professional at every link in providing outsourcing services, from customs clearance to transportation, etc.

3. Technology and Machinery. We have kept pace with the very front of the dentistry technologies developments. With a total investment of over 3,000,000 USD in machinery so far. We have a remarkable input budget each year in machinery upgrades and training of technicians.

4. Quality and Materials. We provide high and stable quality products for different demands. All materials are sourced from US, EU and Japan. Please contact us for a full list of materials we are using.

5. Costs. We have managed to control our costs to meet the demands of different market requirements.


All materials are sourced from US, EU and Japan with CE marks. Please contact us for a current material list.

Terms & Conditions


Payment terms apply. Please contact us for further information.

2)Shipping Costs

Please contact us for more details.

3)Trouble cases & Remakes

There may be questions regarding some cases, emails are then sent regarding these for confirmation. Production time is therefore extended since the reply of the relevant emails.

Remakes are rare and may due to various issues. Dentists'' impressions and prescription are the biggest two causes of the inaccuracy.

Therefore, we strongly suggest all our clients to emphasize the importance of getting precise impressions with clear hand writing of prescriptions. If we feel that an impression is not accurate, we may inform you and request a new impression. Should you require us to carry on with the case, we would try our best to work it out, but we could not take responsibility on the particular case and will charge again if the case remakes.

When a remake case occurs due to production errors, we handle it on a case-by-case basis free of charge but we may require an accurate impression. For precious metal products, we also need to recall the alloy.

Other related

- Turnaround Time

We use Fedex, DHL or UPS to deliver.

It usually takes 2-3 days to send cases from US and Europe to us. Received cases are generally finished within 2-4 days in lab depending on the complexity. The back way should also take 1-2 days depending on the location. So we usually require a regular 7-9 calendar days as our turnaround time. Quicker turnaround time can be discussed under conditions.

Please be aware that all shipments are subject to routine customs inspections that may occasionally cause delays.

The latest technology of 3d-print can cut the coming way and reduce the return time for some products with an increase of costs.


- 3-5 Years'' Warranty

We provide 3-5 year warranty to different products.

Defects caused by incorrect prescription or fitting, lacking of supportive tooth or tissue structures, improper dental hygiene, misuse or accidents are not covered by this warranty.


- Confidentiality and Human rights

ADS maintains a strict confidentiality policy with all our customers. At no time will we ever disclose your name or information to any third party for any reason unless under your consent.

We also take importance of human rights. Based in Hongkong and Shenzhen, the best economies in China, our workers are well treated with relatively higher payments than workers in other parts of China, resulting in tremendous raise in our labour costs but a stabler team. Labs are open to visit any time.


- Useful Forms

We can process prescription sheets in English and Japanese. Sample design can be provided. Each case must be accompanied by a correctly completed prescription sheet. If any information is not clear, we will email to confirm.


- How do we get started right now? Here’s a Step-to-Step Guide

Step 1. Contact us. We will get back to you usually within 24 hours to discuss details and work out a scheme to serve you.

Step 2. Send the orders. We will guide you through everything. You can start by sending a few cases to us. Call Fedex, DHL or UPS and arrange a pick up, then inform us the tracking number. We will send you an email to confirm what we have received when we receive the package. If it’s a trouble case, we may email you a few times during production.

Step 3. Make an easy payment on time after receiving invoices.


- How should I pack?

To provide better services to you, we recommend you follow these case packaging procedures:

· Securely wrap and insert all impressions and models into the larger pocket of the bio-bags. Please don’t send alginate impressions.

· Pull away adhesive liner to seal.

· Insert completed prescription(s) into the shorter front pocket of the bio-bags.

· Wrap each model with bubble wrap and tape together. Multiple Cases can be sent in one case box. Each case must have its own bio-bag for correct identification.

· Use additional bubble wrap to fill box to secure the case(s).

· Nothing should be loose when box is shaken.

· Securely seal the box with packaging tape.


- How do I pay?

Please refer to our payment Terms and Conditions. We can provide our bank accounts in HK, or Paypal to receive payments. We require on time payments to all clients.


- What is the minimum volume or order?

Please contact us for your individual solution. We usually don’t require minimum order while our delivery policies apply.


Please feel free to contact us if these have not covered your questions.

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