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Product quality is our key concern , every worrk is under strictly quality control , with the hard work of more than one hundred experienced technicians and our total team , I take great pride in this , it is this continuity that enables us to maintain the high quality of our work and gives our clients confidence that we will deliver the right fit the first time
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from:ads dental lab    time:2016-09-21
Posted by Charles Brown on September 18, 2014 at 2:12am What is Zirconia Zirconia or Zirconium Oxide is a powdered metal that is used to produce dental Zirconia or frameworks or even dental substructures like bridges and crowns. It is a replacement for the earlier used gold and silver. Zirconia gives a whiter look to the teeth and is transparent for x-rays. What is a Zirconia Crown used for A Zirconia crown is a wonderfu...
from:ads dental lab    time:2016-09-21
As a dentist involved in social media, I get to see a lot of opinions on dental implants and guided implant surgery. There are those who embrace new concepts and those who resist. As a dentist who places implants every day in my practice, I can say that, with the proper training, guided surgery provides a solution where doctors can plan an implant virtually, and then accurately place an implant in the most safe, predictable, and efficient manner....
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ADS Dental Lab is committed to provide High quality and consistent quality products with on time delivery guaranteed, Our denture products include: BruxZir Sloid Zirconia,Custom implant abutment, Layered Zirconia,LISI Veeners ,Coblt Chrome framework , PFM, Implant, removable denture, fixed denture,Telescope , precision attachment, metal stent, pure titanium and cobalt chromium alloy support, rubber supporting,Night guards , etc. more than 30 varieties.Sitemap
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