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Product quality is our key concern , every worrk is under strictly quality control , with the hard work of more than one hundred experienced technicians and our total team , I take great pride in this , it is this continuity that enables us to maintain the high quality of our work and gives our clients confidence that we will deliver the right fit the first time
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from:ads dental lab    time:2016-09-21
by: Drs. Chandur Wadhwani and Alfonso PieyroMarch 9, 2016 Guidance and advice to help you acquire a confident technique. Cementing crowns and fixed partial dentures (bridges) onto implants has become increasingly popular, but it is not without issue.  One cause of local tissue inflammation associated with dental implants that has recently come to light is dental cement. Cements have been directly linked with peri-implan...
from:ads dental lab    time:2016-09-21
Implant Size Selection The 3.5mm diameter implants are generally for mandibular anterior teeth. If practical, their use should be avoided for maxillary anterior and all posterior teeth. From the canine posteriorly, if practical, place one implant per tooth being replaced. It is advisable to have at least 1.0mm of bone around the implant. Therefore, an advisable bone width is 5.5mm to comfortably accommodate a 3.5mm implant, unless ridge spli...
from:ads dental lab    time:2016-09-21
So you''ve been diagnosed with bruxism. Your dentist has probably recommended a custom dental guard (also called an occlusal splint), but at what price! Buying a mouth guard from your dentist may cost as much as $500, but ordering online can reduce the cost without any loss of quality. Depending upon the severity of your bruxism and your specific mouth guard needs, a custom mouth guard can cost $100-$200 when purchased online and will last 6...
from:ads dental lab    time:2016-09-21
By Lee Ann Brady, DMD The fabrication of occlusal appliances is probably the most variable dental treatment I can think of. The type of appliance, fabrication technique, occlusal scheme, and fee are different from practice to practice. You may be thinking, we should come to a consensus or that there are appliances that are “better” than others. I embrace the variety, but the determination of which appliance design to use should be based on e...
from:ads dental lab    time:2016-09-21
By Lee Ann Brady, DMD For many years, I believed I had mastered tooth preparation since I did it day in and day out in my practice. A busy schedule adds constraints that create a process where patterns develop. These patterns result in our preparations moving from being individualized, based on the demands of the clinical situation, to the repetition of a certain style of prep. We discuss tooth preparation by type – full coverage or par...
from:ads dental lab    time:2016-09-21
1. The patient should remove any lipstick or bright makeup. Drape the patient with a neutral (grey) bib. 2. Make the shade selection at the beginning of the appointment before the tooth becomes dehydrated and your eyes become fatigued from the other procedures. Whenever possible take a shade prior to tooth preparation. 3. The canines are a good reference point in selecting a shade because they have the highest chroma (intensity) of the domi...
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