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Product quality is our key concern , every worrk is under strictly quality control , with the hard work of more than one hundred experienced technicians and our total team , I take great pride in this , it is this continuity that enables us to maintain the high quality of our work and gives our clients confidence that we will deliver the right fit the first time
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from:ads dental lab    time:2016-09-24
DIGITAL TOP 10….. TO 12 ACTUALLY! We attend many meetings a year and are blessed to work with hundreds of clients that we call personal friends from all over the world. EVERY day, a dentist asks us all kinds of questions about digital scanners. “How does this all work” and more importantly, “What is the big deal” We decided to make a list of the top 10 things that we are asked about scanners but had to go to 12! It is our intent to sha...
from:ads dental lab    time:2016-09-23
Ever have that patient walk into the practice with a bad single central crown What about the patients that walk in with four monochromatic veneers next to some very nice natural canines With the rise in dentists marketing their practice and expertise in cosmetic dentistry, and the patient’s increasing desire to have restorations that are expedient, exceptional and natural looking, it becomes imperative to understand the importance of shad...
from:ads dental lab    time:2016-09-21
Tech Tips  To Remove a Broken Screw Several methods exist to remove broken screw components from implants or abutments. a few examples are shown here.  Method 1: Insert a very fine tipped hand instrument into the implant and gently wedge it between the male and female threads. With careful counter-clockwise rotation, the fractured male thread can often be unscrewed and removed. A variation of this method is to use an ultra-s...
from:ads dental lab    time:2016-09-21
The concept of taking an impression may be simple, but there are a number of factors that can cause a less than an ideal impression, resulting in a retake that requires more time, more product, and ultimately, a dent in profitability. Related reading:  How 3M ESPE cements make restorative dentistry easy The problem: Poor impressions/retakes Considering the number of potential complications that can arise during the impressi...
from:ads dental lab    time:2016-09-21
During abutment tooth preparation for fixed partial dentures, the presence of undesirable undercuts, due to clinical complicating factors such as poor visibility and access, frequently is observed. 1The presence of undercuts may hinder the complete seating of the cast restoration, resulting in the need to recontour the pre- pared tooth and make a new impression. This article presents an easy and quick method for evaluating sin- gle or multi...
from:ads dental lab    time:2016-09-21
Which Digital Intraoral Scanner is BEST Over the past two years, I have immersed myself in “digital” and found out a ton of things. It is not easy Not everyone tells the truth Digital is AWESOME when things are organized and done correctly There are six main scanner companies out there, 2 have milling capabilities, and a few other scanners were introduced at this year’s IDS in Germany. THE MAIN 6 and an added 7th. Siron...
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